Quantum Clutch Conference


September 16, 2023

Embassy Suites Hotel
707 E Butterfield Rd
Lombard, IL

The QCC Purpose

Bringing awareness so you can take better care of yourself, face your truths, grow, evolve as a human, and show up consciously and purposefully for yourself. QCC will expose you to ways to step up for YOU. A way to dig deeper, get stronger, be more deliberate, and fight harder for YOU.

Awareness is Power. Invite knowledge in and step into your POWER! You have a choice in your life. What choices are you making? Let's alter your choices based on your new awareness.

Welcome to our QCC Community!

Anita & Jen


a sudden and significant shift in awareness or consciousness that dramatically changes the understanding of one's beliefs, perspectives, and experiences, leading to a profound personal and spiritual transformation on a deeper level. 


an act of firmly grasping or holding onto transformative knowledge, experiences, or practices leading to personal transformation, growth, and a deeper connection with the divine or universal consciousness. It is a conscious choice to hold onto the sacred, allowing it to guide and support one's journey of spiritual evolution.


a platform providing a space for the exchange of ideas, insights, and experiences featuring a diverse lineup of speakers, experts, and teachers who offer lectures, workshops, and discussions aimed at expanding consciousness, nurturing personal growth, and igniting spiritual transformation.


QCC brings together a remarkable group of women driven to share their knowledge and personal experiences, guiding new awareness through their personal storytelling and the expression of their knowledge, talents, and gifts.

Through various talks, workshops, and discussions, QCC's goal is to expand collective awareness by shining a light  in the dark corners of non-traditional ideas, diverse perspectives, and alternative methods to significantly shift your own consciousness and personal development...to boldy step into your own differentiation and authentic individuality.

Who do you want to become?


Join us for a day of exposure and become part of a growing supportive network of women who are committed to personal growth, empowerment, and developing meaningful connections with themselves and others.

Get inspired and unlock the next level of your life journey!


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