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Anita Kimbler

QCC Founder and Master of Ceremonies, Psychic, Medium, Energy Healer, Author
As the founder of QCC and official Master of Ceremonies, Anita is bringing awareness in highlighting the QCC presenters and their valuable contributions. She personally selected each speaker based on their unique stories, strengths, and extraordinary gifts.

As a natural born psychic and medium, Anita's life purpose revolves around guiding others to embrace their authentic truth, discover their unique path, and recognize their inherent significance.

Her unwavering dedication is aimed at uplifting humanity in every possible way.

Danielle Farr

Are you looking for the basics of herbal healing and implementing herbal medicine into your daily life? Where do you start this journey? How do you start this journey? How can your physical body and your mental health benefit from the use of herbs and plants? Danielle will answer these questions for you at this QCC event. She will share which herbs you can safely use to aid in common ailments and more. She will show you how easy and affordable your holistic options are because plants are non-discriminatory and widely available. Herbal healing is an easy transition once you know how and where to begin this journey. Keep in mind that herbal healing is not always a removal of conventional medicine, but can be an addition to conventional medicine. Danielle wants you to understand and know the options available to you for a more holistic approach to healthcare. Her belief is that healthcare should involve knowing all options available for each situation. Your health, your choice!

Besjana Mehmeti

Nutrition and Wellness
Besjana is sharing awareness about intentional nourishment.

Jen Reed

QCC Host, Cosmic Storyteller, Dabbler in Astrology, Human Design and Energy Work
Jen is sharing her insights on Conscious Awareness through the lens of Astrology and Human Design. By embracing a new understanding of your authentic cosmic self, you become more aligned with your soul's state of being and purpose. Embrace your inherent gifts and authentic state of Being to align with your natural flow.

Paige Fitterer, LCSW

Clinical Therapist
Paige, a Clinical Therapist, was motivated to start her own practice after the tragic loss of her mother. She will be discussing the healing journey and resources that can help you navigate the intense loss, yet build resilience. Paige will show you how to get out of your comfort zone and shift the narratives around death. Have you ever felt like you don’t have words for someone who is grieving? Have you been afraid that you may say or do something wrong surrounding the topic of death or grief? Paige will discuss options to help you support yourself and others when loss inevitably occurs in life.

Courtney O'Keeffe

Intuitive Designer, Certified Sound Healer, Podcast Host.
Courtney is sharing awareness to healing trauma and stepping into your personal power by following your inner guidance.

Daniela Story

Intuitive Wellness, Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (CFNC)
Daniela will be speaking about your body’s innate resiliency. She is a nurse by trade, frustrated by the system and current medical model. Daniela went on a quest to heal her own body after she struggled with physical and mental health struggles. On her journey, she learned what she was taught in school and used in practice, was flawed when it comes to true healing. She will share with you what she has learned about the importance and impact that nutrition has on your body; how it can help and how it can harm. She wants to bring awareness to you and empower you to tap into your body’s remarkable innate abilities so you can restore wellness, and live at your optimal potential, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Margaret Kujawa

Wealth Conscious Mentor
Margaret will show you how your relationship with money truly affects you. Do you have money blocks? Do you know how to identify your money block? Margaret will go over this with you and share how childhood trauma can impact your bank account. She will share her knowledge on wealth consciousness and what that means for you. She will give you tools you can use to become aware of your relationship with money so you can empower yourself. Her passion is helping you transition in life so they can step into your purpose and live life on your terms.

Jenny Charny

Energy Alchemy Healer
Have you wondered what energy work and Alchemy Healing is? How does energy healing work and what difference can it make in your life? Jenny will help expose you to her perspective and help you understand who you are as a human and an energetic being. She will explain how everything happens in the energetic field before it manifests into our physical field and how this information is vital to you. It is Jenny's understanding that YOU create your own reality (your life). She will share how creating your own reality creates your beliefs, and will uncover how the quantum field can be your tool in this concept. Is your life running an old program in your software that needs upgrading? If so, Jenny will show you how to clear old beliefs (through her energy healing modality), open up new spaces in your energy field, and raise your consciousness. Jenny wants you to be able to open your path to your purpose and find the strength to follow it!


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